Field Technician – General Field Technician

LOCATION:  Illinois and Missouri

SALARY/CATEGORY: Depends on Experience.  1099 Contractor.

ROLE CAPACITY:  100% Technical, Travel Required.

Technician Types:

  • Cabling
  • Digital Signage
  • Network (Circuit Turn-Up)
  • Network (Router, Switch)
  • General PC
    • POS
    • Printer
  • Required Skills
    • Install/Terminate/Test network cables (Cat5e/Cat6)
    • Install PC's, printers and peripherals
    • Install Point of Sale (POS) equipment and peripherals (scanner, pin pads, receipt printers, etc.)
    • Install Operating Systems and software
    • Troubleshoot PC hardware (ports, memory, etc.)
    • Install or replace PC hardware (memory, ports, hard drives, etc.)
    • Configure PC for DHCP or set a Static IP (DNS, etc.)
    • Configure Printers either through touch panel or the GUI (printer name, IP, gateway, tray preferences, etc.)
    • Install network head end equipment (router, switch, firewall, etc.)
    • Install printer accessories (extra trays, finishers, etc.)
    • Patch in network equipment
    • Install and test network access points
  • Required Tools
    • Smart phone with charging cable
    • Wire cutter & stripper (for Coax, Cat5, and Cat6 cable)
    • Cable tester (for Coax, Cat5, and Cat6 cable)
    • Toner and Wand
    • Impact tool with 110 and 66
    • RJ-45 Crimper
    • Drill with bits
    • Wire snake / push poles
    • Hand tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.)
    • Labeler
    • Keyhole/Drywall Saw & Utility knife
    • Permanent marker and pencil
    • 6-foot and 8-foot A-Frame ladder
    • Materials
      • Cat5/Cat6 cable
      • RJ-45 modular plugs for: Cat5 and Cat6
      • Faceplates, biscuit jacks, surface boxes, and keystone jacks for Cat5 and Cat6
      • Spare patch cables
      • Electrical tape, nylon tie wraps, hook and loop tie wraps, etc.


  • You already have a full time job
  • You have no field experience
  • Not willing to travel to customer locations

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