Residential Services

Are You Frustrated With Computer Problems But Don’t Know Who You Can Trust To Fix Them Fast?

When your technology breaks, we understand that you need it up and running again as soon as possible to avoid frustration and downtime. Platinum Web Services provides comprehensive Residential IT Repair Services to get you back on track quickly, helping you avoid the runaround of obtaining service and support only to have the same problem occur once again. Our Computer Repair Service comes with a 30 Day Service Guarantee.

If you want your Computer Fixed Fast and correctly the first time then give us a call to schedule an appointment at (314) 393-0006.

Repair services from Platinum Web Services include:

Hardware Installation - O'Fallon, St. Louis

Hardware Installation:
Replacement hard drives, optical disk drives, memory upgrade
Software Installation - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Software Installation:
Anti-Virus software, Spyware Removal software, etc
Data Transfer - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Data Transfer:
Transfer data from one PC to another or to an external hard drive, flash drive, or dvd
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD):
Getting a blue screen… no problem. We can fix it
Fix Broken LCD Screen - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Broken LCD Screen:
We can have a new screen installed within 7 business days days
Dim Screen - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Dim Screen:
Dark and Dim Screens typical means you need a new screen or LCD inverter
Hard Dive Clicking - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Hard Drive Clicking:
We can replace bad hard drives for laptops and desktop PCs
Virus Removal - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Virus Removal:
We can remove all your Viruses & Spyware. 48 hour turnaround time
Device Won't Boot - O'Fallon, St. Louis
Won’t Boot Up:
Computer not starting? No problem we can fix your corrupt system files

Residential IT Services from Platinum Web Services are:

  • Fast - you can count on us to fix your problems sooner than any manufacturer ever could
  • Cost-effective - we provide affordable service you can rely on
  • Dependable - our technicians are certified technology experts
  • Permanent - eliminate the hassle of dealing with recurring problems once and for all

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